The main activity of BDE is to organise events for students. These events are located here on our campus in Evry and are organized in collaboration with other clubs and assos. For example, during our evenings, the BDE is using BPM, our sono club, to manage the sono and the lights, Cook’IT to prepare food for students, or Déclic and INTv for photo and video performances. The BDE is accustomed to organising an SEI (Integration Week); a WEI (Weekend of Integration); 6 evenings, including the Christmas evening where a renowned artist comes every year; 3 trips, including the traditional trip to Amsterdam; and the technopara. This year, we have at least two new events that we would like to see come about and be able to unveil to you later this year.

The Campaign

Each year, two lists are formed to try to become the next BDE in a 4-month campaign, also organised by the BDE in a mandate, and which runs the campus for the duration. If you are interested in listing or you just want information, contact the members of our campaign pole. They are there to guide you in the adventure in which you are going to embark, but also to ensure the smooth running of the countryside. Your list will become more than just a group of friends, it will even become your identity on campus. Lister will also give you easier access to several clubs and assos on campus, which are often made at the end of the year after the campaign.

Join us

You will have the opportunity during the year to see for yourself exactly what the BDE is doing on campus. In the meantime, if you have any question, whether it concerns associative life, campus, or whatever, come and see us. You can recognize us with our navy blue polo shirts, we're also there for your integration. We can never be enough to encourage you to list for you too to be part of the BDE, and more generally to talk to members of all the assos to identify all the opportunities there. Everyone is in it.